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Lung uptake instrument - Radhound

Artikkelnr.: SSL/SS300 with SSL/RADHOUND

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  • Fast, measurement in seconds
  • 3 mm lead collimated probe reducing the contribution from the ventilation nozzle
  • Optimized for low energy gamma such as Tc-99
  • Works with sitting or laying patients
  • Low cost and very easy to use
  • Without flake
  • Rechargeable battery powered

The Radhound with the SS404-probe is a perfect instrument for measurement of lung uptake of technogas. The instrument is quick enough to give a full response within a second. It's Li-ion battery powered and will work on batteries for more then 12 h. It measures cps in the range of 0 - 99999 cps. The probe is collimated with 3,15 mm lead, thick enough to reduce the low energy gamma response from surrounding tubes and nozzle, but slim enough for only weighting 820 grams. It's no probe for a nurse to hold it or use flake.

Cable length between the instrument and probe can be customize to suit your needs. The Radhound comes with a net 1~230V supply and is pre-set by Gammadata to be optimized for lung ventilation measurement.

There are several other probes available for Radhound to serve other applications in addition, find them here

Detectors: Geiger-Müller tubes and Scintillators as probes
Units: cps, cpm, µSv/h with autorange
Range: Typically 0 - to 99999 cps (range and units are software selectable depending on probe)
Energy range: depending on probe
Temperatures: Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C, Storage temperature -25°C to +60°C
Protection class: IP65
Respons time: From 0,5 s, adjustable
Weight and dimension:160 x 250 x 85 mm
Battery type: Lithium Ion rechargeable
Battery life: Typically >12 hours continuous use. Charger supplied