Gammadata tilbyr fantomer fra Capintec for de fleste applikasjoner innen sykehusfysikk. Mangler du et fantom på listen? Kontakt oss så hjelper vi deg.

Breathing Phantom

Artikkelnr.: 5250-0142

Artikkelnr.: 5250-0142 Image guidance and respiratory gated systems calibrated to known motion. The breathing phantom torso mannequin is a complex plastic simulation of a humanoid torso including lungs, ribcage/chest-wall bone, skin and sub-dermis,...

JASZCZAK Standard SPECT Phantom

Artikkelnr.: 5250-0157

Artikkelnr.: 5250-0157 ECT phantoms with protruding flanged top and 3.2 mm cylinder wall thickness. 5250-0168 - Ultra Deluxe Jaszczak Phantom For use with ultra-high spatial resolution SPECT and PET systems. Rod diameters: 3.2, 4.8,...

NEMA IEC PET Body Phantom

Artikkelnr.: 5250-0161

Artikkelnr.: 5250-0161 NEMA IEC PET Body Phantom used for • Simulation of whole-body imaging especially using PET and camera-based coincidence imaging techniques • Evaluation of reconstructed image quality in whole-body PET and camera-based...

PIXY Antropomorf treningsfantom

Artikkelnr.: 0695-0001, 0695-0002, 0695-0003, 0695-0004, 0695-0005

Artikkelnr.: 0695-0001, 0695-0002, 0695-0003, 0695-0004, 0695-0005 PIXY was designed specifically for training radiologic technologists. PIXY is 156 cm tall and weighs 48kg. She is repeatable, virtually indestructible, and a convenient substitute for patients. PIXY is made...

Antropomorfa fantom

Artikkelnr.: 5220-RS800T, 5220-RS900T, 5220-RS901T

Artikkelnr.: 5220-RS800T, 5220-RS900T, 5220-RS901T Heart/Thorax Phantom is ideal for evaluation of detectability, extent and severity of myocardial infarcts in patients.This Phantom also provides valid assessment of mammoscintigraphy techniques.The Striatal Phantom optimizes quantitative imaging in...