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  • High Z
  • High density
  • Good photopeak to Compton ratio
  • Scintillator of choice for neutron activation analysis and active Compton shield

Bismuth Germanate, of the composition Bi4Ge3012, also called BGO, is a high Z, high density scintillation material. Due to the high atomic number of bismuth (83) and the material's high density of 7.13 g/cm3, BGO is a very efficient gamma ray absorber. Given the high Z value of the material, the photo fraction for gamma ray absorption is high, as a result very good peak-to-total ratios are observed.

Density [g/cm3] 7.13
Melting point [K] 1323
Thermal expansion coefficient [C-1] 7 x 10-6
Cleavage plane none
Hardness (Mho) 5
Hygroscopic no
Wavelength of emission max. [nm] 480
Lower wavelength cutoff [nm] 320
Refractive index @ emission max 2.15
Primary decay time [ns] 300
Light yield [photons/keVγ] 8-10
Photoelectron yield [% of NaI(Tl)] (for γ-rays) 15 - 20
Temperature response -1.2%/C
Neutron capture cross-section 1.47b
Afterglow @ 20ms 150ppm