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GR1 - Gamma Ray Spectrometer

Artikkelnr.: GR1-002, GR1-003

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  • High spectral resolution
  • High efficiency
  • USB powered
  • Compact
  • Simple to use

The GR1 is a high-performance gamma ray spectrometer utilizing a 1 cm³ CZT detector. It is completely self-contained, with built-in preamplifier, shaping amplifier, baseline restorer, pulse height digitizer, and HV supply. The digitized pulse heights of detected gamma-ray signals are sent to a PC via the USB. The unit is powered entirely from the USB bus, so no external power supply is needed. The K-spect software included with the GR1 spectrometer provides the spectrum acquisition, display, analysis, and storage

MAS-001 -  MultiSpect Analysis software (Qualitative)
MAS-002 -  MultiSpect Analysis software (Quantitative / Qualitative)
SW-001  -  Windows/Linux driver hardware between Kromek product and customer software inc email/tel support
GR1-SHIELD - Tungsten Shield and 3 collimators 8,6 kg for In-Situ measurements
GR1-ACC - Carbon fiber tripod & carrying case

Detector: 10mm x 10mm x 10mm CZT coplanar-grid detector
Energy range: 30keV to 3.0 MeV
Energy resolution: 2.0 – 2.5% FWHM @ 662 keV
Electronic noise: <10 keV FWHM
Maximum throughpu USB: 30,000 counts/s
Number of channels: 4096 (12 bit)
Differential non-linearity: < ± 1%
Integral non-linearity: < ± 0.02%
Power consumption: 250 mW
Dimensions: 25mm x 25mm x 63mm
Weight: 60 gram
Temperature range: 0-50º C
Analysis Software: K-spect, Included and free to download