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RTM644LNC - Stor friklassingsboks 1870 liter

Artikkelnr.:  00644V000000

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  • High throughput: up to 12 tons per hour
  • 3-D graphic display of contamination
  • High accuracy in locating contamination
  • Low detection limits 55 Bq (Co-60, 60 s)
  • 24 large-area gamma detectors in 4π measurement geometry
  • Measurement units in Bq, Bq/g, Bq/cm²
  • 1- or 2-door operation mode
  • Doors-open operation mode for particularly long goods

The RTM644lnc is the world’s leading clearance monitor for large objects such as palettes, waste bags, grid boxes, 200 l and/or 400 l drums checking for gamma radiation. The goods to be measured are moved into the chamber by a conveyor system.

24 large-area gamma-plastic-scintillation detectors are arranged in 4π geometry ensuring high sensitivity and low detection limits. Geometry and weight of goods are considered, compensating self-shielding effects.

Volume: 1870 liter
Dimensions Outer: 1900 x 1800 x 2150 mm³
Dimension Chamber: 1380 x 1120 x 1210 mm³
Weight: 12000 to 16000 kg
Detectors: 24 Gamma-plastic-scintillation detectors, housing: 3 mm aluminum
Shielding: 50 mm lead (see also options)
Detection limit: 55 Bq (Co-60, 60 s)
Integrated weight scales for goods up to 1000 kg

Conveyor belt on exit side
Shielding: 75 mm lead
Camera surveillance system
Uninterruptible power supply
Mobility: clearance monitor and office in containers
PCA software module
Detector test module
Prognosis for free-release software module
Interface to waste management system
Spectrometry integration
Comprehensive implementation of international requirements