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Artikkelnr.: 5130-30251

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  • Reduce hand exposure
  • Facilitates lowering and raising of syringes or vials into the dose calibrator chamber remotely
  • Operated by hand or foot pedal
  • Allows ionization chamber to be located in places not easily accessible
  • No batteries required; operates by air pressure

CAP-Lift is a pneumatically driven system for the transfer of vials or syringes to the measuring position in the dose calibrator ionization chamber. Both lifting power and speed can be optimized in accordance with individual needs. CAP-Lift can be connected to a normal hospital air line because the system has a built-in pressure regulator. The air consumption is very light allowing the CAP-Lift to be connected to a small air container. The system is simple to install and can be mounted without any attachments on the top of the ionization chamber. Ideal for high energy PET applications to reduce hand dose.

Standard length 200 mm. Custom lengths available for hot cells or hoods.

Accessories: Replacement Dipper  -  5130-20302

Height of lift mechanism: 48,9 cm from top of chamber
Diameter of lift stand: 15 cm at top of chamber
Travel: 20 cm (Standard) Custom travel lengths available for situations where lift stand is not sitting directly on the chamber
Control Box Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 5 cm