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63-6090M CleanBench™

Artikkelnr.: 63-6090M

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CleanBench with a tapped holed top, 600 x 900 mm.

Gammadatas suppliers TMC introduces CleanBench™, the next generation of our industry standard 63 series vibration isolation lab tables. CleanBench combines the latest, patent pending, improvements to our table tops with our superior Gimbal Piston™ air vibration isolation system. CleanBench offers more stability, better ergonomics, guided thread lead-ins, and a more compact design. TMC’s industry standard vibration isolation lab tables lead the industry in performance. 

The CleanBench breakthrough offers versions of TMC’s laminated design whether or not a grid of tapped holes is desired with no sacrifice in performance. The new, low-profile top offers superior damping, stiffness and flatness in a easy to clean stainless steel shell. A unique core crosssection allows the design to be offered with a smooth surface or with a grid of metric (M6 on 25mm) tapped holes. TMC’s proprietary method of forming the tapped holes results in beveled lead-ins, which eases thread engagement and allows for a full three threads. Designed specifically for desk-style workstations, these tops are the ideal surface for small vibration isolation tables.


  • AFM
  • Confocal Microscopy
  • IVF
  • Patch-Clamping
  • Interferometry
  • Metrology