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Variable-Gain Photoreceiver Fast Optical Power Meter OE-200-UV

Artikkelnr.: OE-200-UV-FS

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  • Adjustable Conversion Gain from 10³ to 10¹¹ V/W 
  • Equ. Input Noise down to 17 fW/√Hz 
  • Bandwidth up to 500 kHz 
  • Rise Time down to 700 ns 
  • Calibration Traceable to NIST Standards 
  • Signal Filters 
  • Manual and Remote Control

190..1000nm photodiode, variable gain 10³-10¹¹ V/W, NEP 17 fW/√Hz, Input range 200 fW..2 mW.

Fast Optical Power Meter 

The OE-200 Adjustable-Gain Photoreceiver is designed for a wide range of applications that require the fast measurement of low light levels. With its maximum bandwidth of 500 kHz it is ideally suited for time resolved measurements down to the sub µs-region, as fast photo detector in industrial process control and quality inspection systems and as the optical front-end for lock-in amplifier systems. The OE-200 offers many more features than usual power meters including selectable conversion gain from 10³ to 10¹¹ V/W, switchable AC/DC-coupling, and the capability of manual and opto-isolated remote control by a PC.

Exceptional Performance also in Low-Speed and Low Light Level Applications

Besides the use in high speed applications the OE-200 also shows top performance when it comes to the measurement of slow varying, continuos wave (cw) or low light level signals. The low-noise multi-stage amplifier design and the switchable 10 Hz lowpass filter allows the precise measurements of low optical powers down to the 100 fW range without the need for further averaging.

Calibration Traceable to NIST Standards

The high stability and low drift of the OE-200 ensures repeatable and consistent measurements also in the highest gain setting. Calibration traceable to NIST standards guarantees for reliable and accurate results.

Standard delivery time: 3 weeks ARO, Conditions: Ex.Works Germany unless specified

Model OE-200-UV
Detector Type Si PIN
Detector Size [mm] 1.1 x 1.1
Spectral Range [nm] 190 - 1000
Calibration Wavelength [nm] 850
Input Free space, FC
NEP (Dependent on Gain Setting) [/√Hz] 17 fW - 60 pW
Useful Operating Range ca. 200 fW - 2 mW