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Fast Photoreceiver HCA-S-400M-SI

Artikkelnr.: HCA-S-400M-SI-FS

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  • Si Photodiodes 
  • Wavelength Range; 320 to 1000 nm 
  • Bandwidth DC to 400 MHz 
  • Rise Time 1 ns 
  • Max. Conversion Gain 2.7 x 10^3 V/W

320..1000nm photodiode, 2.7x10^3 V/W gain, NEP  40 pW/√Hz, saturation power 400 µW.

High Sensitivity at High Bandwidth

The series HCA-S-400M Photoreceivers combine fast photodiodes with the proven and outstanding FEMTO HCA Current Amplifier technology. The HCA-S-400M-SI is available with a fast Si photodiode covering a spectral range from 320 to 1000 nm. The amplifier transimpedance is 5 x 10^3 V/A resulting in a maximum conversion gain of 2.7 x 10^3 V/W. The sophisticated DC coupled multi-stage amplifier design allows measurements from DC to a maximum bandwidth of 400 MHz corresponding to a minimum rise-time of 1 ns. Due to the low-noise design signals with an optical power in the micro-Watt range can be detected without the need for further averaging. Different models with free space or fiber optic input are available.

Standard delivery time: 3 weeks ARO, Conditions: Ex.Works Germany unless specified

Model HCA-S-400M-SI
Photodiode 0.8 mm Ø Si PIN
Spectral Range 320 ... 1000 nm
Bandwidth (-3 dB) DC ... 400 MHz
Rise/Fall Time (10 % - 90 %) 1 ns
Transimpedance Gain 5 x 103 V/A
Max. Conversion Gain 2.7 x 103 V/W (@ 800 nm)
Min NEP (@ 100 MHz) 40 pW/√Hz (@ 800 nm)
Available Input Options Free space (FS), FC or SMA

Output voltage ±1.5 V max. (@ 50 Ω load). Offset adjustable by potentiometer. AC coupled units are optionally available. Output short-circuit protected. Photoreceivers with free space input come with threaded M4 and 8-32 mounting holes for use with standard mounting posts. Power supply ±15 V via 3-pin Lemo® socket. A mating connector is provided with the device. Optional power supply PS-15 available. For further information please view the datasheet or contact FEMTO.