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The pulseSwitch for Coherent Mira is an intra-cavity acousto-optical switch for reducing the pulse repetition rate of mode-locked laser systems (cavity dumping).

Inherently, this provides an increased output pulse energy. The pulseSwitch technology differs from the use of a pulse picker, which is placed external to the laser cavity, and only reduces the pulse repetition rate. The increased output pulse energy and peak power result in more efficient non-linear processes like SHG (Second Harmonic Generation) and THG (Third Harmonic Generation). The pulseSwitch has been developed for the Coherent Mira 900 and Mantis.

In a Coherent Mira 900, pulse energies of more than 50 nJ (at a repetition rate of 500 kHz, and a wavelength of 800 nm) are reached through cavity dumping. Obviously, this is several times the pulse energy typically reached with commercially available cw mode-locked Ti:Sapphire lasers.
Pulse repetition rates can be selected between 200 Hz and 9 MHz. An external trigger offers the possibility of even lower repetition rates, down to single shot. The spectral range of the system is tuneable from 700 ... 980 nm. A common application is the combination of the pulseSwitch cavity dumper with SHG. Therefore a version with an integrated SHG is available, reaching conversion efficiencies up to 40%.

As an option the pulseSwitch can also be operated as a pulse picker. Switching between the two operational modes is easy and fast. In the pulse picker mode, an optical bypass for normal operation is available.

In general, installation and de-installation of the pulseSwitch is simple and only minor changes on the laser are necessary.

For operation with other laser systems, please have a look at A·P·E’s Cavity Dumper Kit.


Wavelength (with Coherent Mira 900) 710 ... 980 nm for 8 W pumped Mira
710 ... 900 nm for 5 W pumped Mira
Repetition rate 10 MHz ... 200 Hz (internal devider)
3 MHz down to single shot (external trigger)
PulseEnergy 40 nJ / pulse @ 500 KHz, 800 nm (typ.> 60 nJ)
Contrast ratio > 500 : 1 (for non-adjacent pulses)
> 300 : 1 (typ., for adjacent pulses)
Pulse width < 150 fs @ 500 kHz, 800 nm (typ. 120 fs)
Spatial mode TEM00

Worldwide except Germany, Austria, Switzerland: Coherent Laser Group

  • SHG (integrated)
  • Pulse picker mode
  • ps cavity dumper operation