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PowerMax-USB LM-200 220V

Artikkelnr.: 1195840

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200W Fan-cooled (220V) Thermopile Sensor with Position Sensing, 19 mm Active Diameter

PowerMax-USB LM-200 220V Power Sensor
Wavelength Range 0.25 to 10.6 µm
Power Range 100 mW to 50W (w/o fan), 1-200W (with fan)
Max. Intermittent Power (W) 100W, <10 min. (w/o fan)
Noise Equivalent Power 5 mW (w/o fan), 100 mW (with fan)
Max. Power Density 6 kW/cm²
Max. Energy Density 600 mJ/cm² 10ns, 1064nm
Detector Coating Broadband
Diffuser None
Detector Diameter (mm) 19
Calibration Uncertainty (%) ±2
Power Linearity (%) ±1
Spectral Compensation Accuracy (%) ±1.5
Calibration Wavelength (nm) 10600
Cooling Method Fan
Cable Type USB
Cable Length (m) 2.5
Part Number 1195840