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PowerMax-Pro USB 150F HD

Artikkelnr.: 1295920

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50W, High Damage Threshold Thin Film Coated High Speed Sensor 

PowerMax-Pro (Patent Pending) represents a dramatic technological advancement in laser power sensing that combines the broad wavelength sensitivity, dynamic range and laser damage resistance of a thermopile with the response speed of a semiconductor photodiode.

Coherent has developed a new PowerMax-Pro with a high-speed, thin film sensor incorporating LabMax-Pro instrumentation directly within the sensor cable. Its unique transverse thermal flow design enables fast, high power measurmeent, with high damage resistance. 

This sensor ships with a 3 inch tall post and stand and a NIST tracable calibration certificate.

Product ships with  standard 1-year warranty. The warranty is maintained throughout the lifetime of the sensor if it is returned annually for service and recalibration.

We recommend annual recalibration of meters and sensors. The calibration is typically stable for a year, but is dependent upon the application. For example, UV applications tend to cause more drift than longer wavelengths.