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Artikkelnr.: 1098293

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Hand-held Laser Power Meter

LaserCheck is a small, lightweight, self-contained power meter that can easily be stored in a pocket or tool kit.

The instrument is micro-processor controlled with wavelength correction, auto-ranging (µW or mW displayed), power overload warning and automatic shutoff. At higher powers the embedded silicon photodiode is protected from saturation with a built-in optical attenuator.

laser meter

Part of Coherent's C24 program
Any order that exclusively contains C24 items will ship directly from the manufacturing site the next business day.

  • Hand-held laser power meter
  • Wavelength range: 400 to 1064 nm
  • For CW and >1 MHz lasers
  • Integrated sensor
  • Auto-ranging with peak sample-and-hold
  • Power measurement from 10 µW-10 mW
  • ±8% calibrated accuracy from 400-1064 nm
  • RoHS Compliant