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BeamMaster-USB BM-3 SI-Enhanced

Artikkelnr.: 1224012

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Knife-edge profiler; 5mm circular with 3 knife edges; Enhanced Si detector.

Beam Profiles and Widths

On each rotation of the drum, BeamMaster captures and processes the data from the passage of the seven knife edges across the beam (three knife edges with BM-3) as power, position and profile information. This information can be displayed every rotation, strip-charted, sent to file or the USB port.

Two orthogonal profiles can be displayed and the beam widths digitally displayed for any three user-chosen clip levels. A Gaussian-fit profile can be overlaid on any chosen measured profile, and the fit and correlation parameters displayed.

To obtain the maximum profile detail, the system automatically centers the profile and zooms to display ~3 times the beam width, and the profile intensity data is autoscaled (optional) to fit the display height.

Added detail can be obtained in a special high-resolution mode. This is very useful for analyzing beams that are far from Gaussian in shape or smaller than 100 µm.

Beam Position and Ellipticity

The beam centroid position can be continuously monitored relative to the center of the sensor area, along with the beam shape, ellipticity (major and minor axes) and angular orientation. A zoom function is available and the user can choose the clip level and strip chart the position (X and Y) data to monitor short-or long-term, time-dependent stability or drift.

Power Measurement

The beam power can be displayed either as a digital readout or in combination with an analog "needle." Units can be chosen as µW, mW or dBm, and the user can offset the zero and zoom in on any part of the power range. Attenuator (filter) files can be selected and a test range can be selected and displayed to monitor beam power within specific limits,with optional audio alarms.