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Upgrade AlphaVision now


SPECIAL PROMOTION - Introducing AlphaVision 6.0 - Alpha Spectrometry Software

  • Offer 1 - Purchase an Alpha Ensemble-8 and receive a 75% Discount on a Full Version of AlphaVision 6.0 (Model A36-BVW*). Promo Code: AE75
  • Offer 2 - Purchase an Alpha Ensemble-8 and receive a 35% Discount on an Upgrade Version of AlphaVision 6.0 (Model A36-UVW*). Promo Code: AE35   
  • Offer 3 - Purchase an AlphaVision Full License, AlphaVision Upgrade or AlphaVision V&V test results and receive a 50% discount. (Model A36-UW, Model A36-BW or Model A35-CV). Promo Code: AV50

This offer is valid only until August 31, 2013

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