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LIVE Webinar: Detection Limit Concepts According to Currie


Thursday 24 October 2019, 16:00 - 17:00 CET



Please join Mirion Technologies for "Detection Limit Concepts According to Currie". This is our 11th in a series of free technical webinars that will give you the opportunity to interact with Mirion application and product experts on a variety of related topics.

Lloyd A. Currie introduces three concepts: critical level, detection limit, and determination limit in his landmark article “Limits for Qualitative Detection and Quantitative Determination: Application to Radiochemistry” from 1968. 

The article is one of the most often cited and discussed publications in radiochemistry. This webinar will explain these three concepts and how Currie intended for them to be used. They are the foundations that later developments in detection limits are building on which makes them still relevant over 50 years after they were introduced. Examples will be given from gamma spectroscopy and it will be shown how these are implemented in Genie™ 2000 Spectroscopy Software. 

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