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Next Generation of Dosimetry


Do you work with x-ray machines, cyclotrons or other equipment that generates ionizing radiation? Are you tired of waiting for several weeks before you know the truth?

Take a look at the only personal dosimeter that provides both instant feedback and fulfills regulatory requirements — the DIS-1.

DIS-1 is a pre-calibrated personal passive dosimeter using ion-chambers to measure your dose, both Hp(10) and Hp(0.07) in the complete energy spectrum and even with very narrow pulse widths.

The doses can be checked at any time using an affordable reader, the DBR-1 or DBR-2. This is so simple and safe that it can be done by the user of the dosimeter with minimal training. The read-out is non-destructive so the original dose information is always preserved in the dosimeter. Dose information is automatically sent to the central dose database for record keeping. The dosimeter can be used for one year and longer, which eliminates monthly exchange and need for double dosimeters.

DIS-1 is used worldwide in hospitals, research centers, nuclear power plants and others.