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RDS-32 New handheld dose rate meter from Mirion


RDS-32, New handheld dose rate meter from Mirion

The new RDS-32 family are small handheld, battery operated handheld dose rate instrument with probe capability and the successor of RDS-31. The perfect generic instrument for radiation protection measurements.


  • H*(10) dose equivalent rate
  • External probes for alpha, beta, gamma and neutron measurements
  • WR versions for wider dose rate range
  • iTx version for wireless monitoring
  • High impact durable case construction, IP67 immersion proof
  • Internal memory for data logging and storage of data
  • Configuration and firmware upgrade done through the CSW-32 Software with USB cable-link
  • Complies with IEC 60846 standards, designed to meet ANSI 42.17A,  42.17C standards


- Wide selection of dose rate and contamination probes
- Smart probes, quick to connect
- Compatible with full range of CSP probes
- Compatible with full range of GMP probes
- Dual display to show both external and internal detector readings simultaneously