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Linseis Thermal Analysis New Product


Now available High Pressure HP-TGA-DSC (STA Simultaneous Thermal Analysis)


The All new Linseis High Pressure HP-TGA-DSC (simultaneous thermal analysis) delivers unsurpassed performance. The system can be used to determine simultaneous changes of mass (TG) and caloric reactions (HDSC) under defined atmosphere and pressure (up to 50/150 bar) in the temperature range RT...1100/1400/1800°C. This instrument is worldwide the only available pressure STA (TG-DSC/DTA).

Main Application of the HP-TGA-DSC:

  • Pyrolysis Studies
  • Gasification of Coal and Biomass
  • Testing of Getter Materials (O2, H2, etc.)
  • Metal recuction / oxidation studies

Always innovating Linseis introduce this unique new product to you. You can download a brochure of this product here