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Vial Shielding

Tuotenro: 5530-2017

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  • Illuminated vial shield
  • Holds 5 and 10 ml vials

Illuminated Vial Shield is designed to provide a lighted protective radiation shield for vials. The shielded vial is illuminated by a gravity sensitive battery powered lighting circuit when the shield is turned upside down.

The shielding material consists of tungsten with a leaded glass viewing window. Sliding lid for syringe access. The Illuminated Vial Shield is available in two sizes, to accommodate a 5 ml and 10 ml vial.

Illuminated Vial Shield Specifications:
Inner Diameter: 2,71 cm
Outer Diameter: 3,97 cm
Height: 9,31 cm
Tungsten Thickness: 0,64 cm
Lead Glass Window: 6 mm thick at 5,2 g/cm³
Battery: 3V lithium CR 2450