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DSA-LX® Digital Signal Analyzer

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  • Integrated desktop MCA based on Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Excellent count rate and temperature stability
  • Wide range of processing time parameters to allow precise match to detector characteristics and application requirements
  • 16K Channel conversion gain/spectrum memory
  • USB 2.0 interface allows simple connection to computer
  • Convenient small form-factor desktop package
  • Full set of front panel indicators
  • Performs pulse height analysis (PHA) or multi- channel scaling (MCS)
  • Advanced patented auto pole/zero, base line restoration and digital stabilization capability
  • Web-based digital oscilloscope spectrum viewer and maintenance utility
  • Built-in power up diagnostics
  • Supported by Genie™ 2000

The DSA-LX analyzer is a full featured 16K channel integrated Multichannel Analyzer based on advanced digital signal processing techniques (DSP). When paired with a computer running Genie 2000 software the DSA-LX unit becomes a complete spectroscopy workstation, capable of the highest quality acquisition and analysis. The instrument interfaces to existing detector technologies such as HPGe, NaI, Si(Li), CdTe or Cd(Zn)Te.