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• Rapid screening of processed or raw food products for key 131I, 134Cs and 137Cs nuclides

• Clear, immediate indication if any nuclide-specific maximum permissible concentrations are exceeded

• Transportable using compact and wheeled detector shield

• Supports wide range of samples including 1 L Marinelli, metal food cans, beverage cans and plastic containers • Completely battery-powered – from laptop PC’s USB port

• Room temperature operation with option for temperature stabilization if measurements will be made out of doors

• Powerful Genie™ 2000 spectroscopy algorithms teamed with the intuitive Genie-FoodPro™ user interface designed specifically for this application

• Turn-key system is provided ready to count, calibrated for typical sample types in a range of common sample containers

• On-site training and/or start-up assistance available from local Mirion representative

The Mirion FoodScreen Radiological Food Screening System is a complete, transportable food analyzer for quickly determining whether raw or processed food has become contaminated from a radiological event. A sample is placed into the shield, a count is initiated and a final report is generated. The report lists activity or minimum detectible activity concentrations found in the sample for the key nuclides of interest for food products: Iodine-131, Cesium-134 and Cesium-137. Based on nuclide-specific limits pre-determined by the system manager, the report will also state whether the sample is “Clean” or “Above Limit”. Above limit samples may need to be investigated further in a higher resolution detector system such as the Mirion FoodSpec™ Radiological Food Analysis System.