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CaF2 - Europium doped Calcium Fluoride

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  • Detects γ-rays up to several hundred keV
  • Detects charged particles
  • Useful in health physics applications
  • Useful in vacuum applications

CaF2(Eu) is a transparent material used for detecting gamma rays up to several hundred keV and for detecting charged particles. Because of the low atomic number, the material's photofraction is relatively small which prohibits the use in gamma ray spectrometry at higher energies. However, the low atomic number makes CaF2(Eu) an ideal material for the detection of beta particles because of the small amount of backscattering.

Density [g/cm3]   3.18
Melting point [K]   1691
Thermal expansion coefficient  [C-1]  19.5 x 10-6  
Cleavage plane <111>
Hardness (Mho)  4
Hygroscopic  no
Wavelength of emission max. [nm]   435
Lower wavelength cutoff [nm]  395
Refractive index @ emission max   1.47
Primary decay time [ns]   940
Light yield [photons/keVγ]   19
Photoelectron yield [% of NaI(Tl)] (for γ-rays)   50