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Diamon - Neutron Spectrometer


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  • Active spectrometer with real-time unfolding
  • Neutron field direction Viewer
  • H*(10) Neutron Monitor
  • Also for high energy application with lead insert
  • Multidetector system
  • Wireless, can be controlled from PC or mobile phone without software or app

DIAMON is a all-in-one portable detection system able to perform neutron spectrometry, to reconstruct neutron direction distributions and to properly derive field and operational quantities… in real-time! It's lightweight, small and compact and can be used as a portable monitor in battery mode (rechargeable) or as a stationary measuring instrument for continuous monitoring. 

Unlike standard neutron monitors, radiation protection quantities are directly calculated from the neutron spectrum and the recommended ICRP conversion coefficients.

Spectrometry: innovative design and proprietary unfolding code (UNCLE) allow a direct and real-time assessment of the neutron spectrum.
Dosimetry: the neutron spectrum is used to perform an accurate evaluation of the field and operational quantities of interest (Fluence, H*(10), h*(10), field fractions… ).
Field Direction: a proprietary method and algorithm give real-time information about the 3D direction distribution of neutrons.

Unit: H*(10)
Measurement range H*(10): 10 nSv/h to 100 mSv/h
Energy Range: Thermal - 20 Mev (low energy version) and up to hundreds of MeV (high energy version)
Sensitivity: 3,5 µSv/h per cps (AmBe)
Response: 1,03 counts per nSv (AmBe)
Gamma cross -over: < 1*10E-4 per nSv (Cs-137) means < 1 µSv/h @ 10 mSv/h (Cs-137)
Connectivity: Ethernet, WiFi
Weight: 6,0 kg (low energy version) and 8,5 kg (High energy version)