Radhound Prober

Probes to Radhound. Comparable to MINI 900


Tuotenro: SSL/SS300

Tuotenro: SSL/SS300 The SS300 is an uncompensated pancake Geiger-based probe for alpha, beta and gamma contamination measurement.


Tuotenro: SSL/SS315

Tuotenro: SSL/SS315 The SS315 is functionally identical to the SS300, but with a different probe geometry.


Tuotenro: SSL/SS330

Tuotenro: SSL/SS330 The SS330 probe is an excellent general purpose end window compensated pancake Geiger probe with H*(10) energy compensation, which permits reliable measurements from ambient background up to 1 µSv/hr.

SS340 side window dose rate probe

Tuotenro: SSL/SS340

Tuotenro: SSL/SS340 Side window Geiger probe for ambient gamma radiation measurement, to H*(10).


Tuotenro: SSL/SS404

Tuotenro: SSL/SS404 An end window scintillation probe designed to be an equivalent to the Mini 44A. It incorporates a Ø32 x 2.5 mm thick NaI(Tl) crystal mounted on an aluminium window and...


Tuotenro: SSL/SS440

Tuotenro: SSL/SS440 A beta scintillation probe designed to be an equivalent to the NE BP4. This probe uses a ∅57 x 1.5 mm scintillator, with an active area of 19.6 cm2, and provides...

SS500 NaI probe 1"

Tuotenro: SSL/SS500

Tuotenro: SSL/SS500 The SS500 is a very sensitive end-window gamma scintillation probe. Equipped with a ∅ 1" x 1" (25.4 x 25.4 mm) NaI(Tl) crystal, it is designed to provide a cost effective...

SS600 scint probe 100 cm²

Tuotenro: SSL/SS600

Tuotenro: SSL/SS600 A series of three large area (100 cm2 window) probes. Equivalent to the BP6/AP2. 3 versions available SS600A = alpha only, SS600B = beta/gamma SS600AB = alpha/beta (dual phosphor with zinc sulphide bonded...


Tuotenro: SSL/SS700

Tuotenro: SSL/SS700 A series of three ergonomically balanced probes with a square window of 50 cm² and a 64° angled handle. Equivalent to the NE BP7, there are three versions available: Alpha only...