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Tuotenro: D3S-ID(FG)

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  • Compact nuclide ID instrument
  • Android app as display unit
  • Categorizing source as Medical, NORM, SNM, Industrial
  • 37 isotopes in library

D3S ID is a compact nuclide identifier using Kromeks scintillating detectors for gammas and neutrons. It's constantly on with a battery life of 12 hours and it will keep track on your count, detection and ID history.

Detector: CsI(Tl) 16 cm³
Energy range: 30 keV - 3 MeV
Gamma sensitivity: 500 cps/µSv/h @ 662 keV (120 cps in photopeak)
Max throughput: 10000 cps
Max dose rate: 20 µSv/h
Neutron sensitivity: 9 cps in a 1 neutron/cm² field
Interface: Micro-USB and Bluetooth
Battery life: 12 h
Dimension: 132 x 80 x 23,5 mm
Protection class: IP53 (ANSI 42,32 section 7.4)
Weight: 237 gram
Charging: micro-USB or inductive
Visual detector status: LED's