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RP-11 2" scintillating probe for RAM R-200

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Highly sensitive probe for gamma radiation. Suitable for RAM R-200

Radiation Detected: Gamma above 50 keV

Scintillator: NaI(Tl) 2" diameter, 2" thick. Window of 1 mm. (0.04") Al.

Sensitivity: 137Cs: 20,000 cps/mR/h

Energy Calibration: Software calibrated single channel analyzer (SCA).

Count Rate Range: 0 to 50,000cps

Output Signals: RS-232 or RS- 485 and TTL pulses.

Temperature Range: -30oC to +60oC (-22oF to +140oF)

Humidity Range: 10% to 95% RH (non condensing)

Dimensions: 340mm (13.4") length, 70mm (2.75") Diam.

Weight: 1.75kg 

Casing: Aluminum, splash proof, IP-65

RP-11 Detector

Max. Cable Length: TTL pulse - 100 m, RS-232 - 12 m, RS-485 - 1.2 km