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PA-100M alpha contamination probe for RAM R-200

Tuotenro: BAK-1340

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  • Alpha probe PA-100m
  • Suitable for RAM R-200

PA-100 is an alpha detector for surface monitoring. The detector contains an air proportional sensor at 1 atm and electronic circuits. Power is supplied by the RAM R-200 meter and output is in TTL-shaped pulses with a rate proportional to the radiation contamination. The detector has a low background count rate and is easy to decontaminate. The detector window is a membrane of aluminiumized Mylar, protected by stainless steel wire mesh.

The detector contains a high voltage power supply, calibrated discriminator, linear pulse amplifier, pulse shaper, GM saturation indicator, detector identifier and malfunction detection circuitry. This configuration minimizes noise, improving sensitivity and stability. The detector also holds a replaceable cartridge filled with hygroscopic silica gel for the reduction of humidity in the sensor.

Type: Air proportional
Window Thickness: 0.85 mg/cm² aluminized window
Effective area: 100 cm² 
Probe Efficiency (2π): 18% (Am-241)
Surface Sensitivity: 530 cpm/Bq/cm² compensated to 100% to be 3000 cpm/Bq/cm²
Range: 0 to 1000000 cpm
Accuracy: ±15% of reading
Temperature Range: -10°C to +50°C
Weight: 1 kg
Size: Width: 75mm x Height: 55mm x Length: 240mm
Casing: Aluminium splash proof