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  • Unique high-pressure STA in table version (Top-Loading)
  • Combined analysis of weight changes and caloric events (TGA-DSC)
  • Small furnace allows fast gas changes
  • RT up to 1000/1400/ 1600/ 1800°C
  • From Vacuum up to 150 bar


The STAHP3 (TG-DSC) is the high end Simultaneous Thermobalance for most demanding applications from Linseis. The system offers unparalleled TG and DSC resolution in combination with highest vacuum/pressure capabilities and TG drift stability. The system is modular due to three exchangeable furnaces, many different measuring systems and crucibles. The pressure ability and many other optional accessories such as Water Vapor generators, Gas Boxes, etc guarantee the perfect setup for whatever type of application.

With the optional Water Vapor and gas control system, Sorption studies with different gases (water vapor, hydrogen, methane, carbon dioxide, etc) can be performed.