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Free-Standing Individual Posts

Tuotenro: 14 -XXH- XX / 13 -XXH- XX / 16 -XXH- XX

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Free-standing Individual Posts 

Free-standing Posts are a convenient alternative to posts with tiebars when open access between the posts is necessary. Though generally configured in sets of four and six legs, other configurations include three and five legs. The independent posts offer the maximum flexibility in post positioning with respect to the optical top. Free-standing Posts are especially convenient for supporting large coupled table systems. To learn how to select post-mount supports, click here.

How to Order

  1. Determine whether vibration iso­lation is required or whether rigid, non-resonant support is adequate.
  2. Calculate the required capacity by adding the equipment load to the optical top weight. Top weight is equal to top area times the weight factor from the bottom of the optical top selection charts. Generally, 200 mm and 300 mm tops require 13 and 14 prefix legs.
  3. Choose the indicated catalog number from the ordering chart.
  4. 4-Post Systems are recommended for most applications. Other configurations require that total capacity exceeds optical top mass plus equipment load by a factor of 2. Choose the desired number of posts.
  5. Leveling baseplates and wear plates come standard with individual posts. This can be of great assistance on larger tables and in labs with uneven floors. Plain baseplates are available. To specify, change the fourth digit of the catalog number from "4" to "3" (for example 16-143-00 becomes 16-133-00).

  6. Height control valve kits (included with 4-Post and 6-Post Systems) must be specified when ordering individual posts. Choose valve kit from the bottom of the chart corresponding to the chosen posts. Note that if more than 4 posts are combined, a suffix must be added to the valve kit corresponding to the number of posts (e.g., for 8 of 14-134-00, the correct valve kit is SV14-8).

  7. Feel free to contact us when in doubt and for unusually sized tops. 

Technical Drawingfree standing post schematic

Single-Post System Ordering Chartsingle ben chart

 Height Control Valve Kit Ordering Chart

Vakva kit chart