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4-Post Support System with Tiebars

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System 1 4-Post with Tiebars

The preferred choice for supporting most optical tops is the 4-post System with safety tiebars. Choose from vibration isolation or rigid support, with or without casters* from a range of heights and capacities. Baseplates or leveling baseplates can be added so the system can be fastened to the floor. *Casters can only be used with post height of 46 cm and taller.

How to Order:

  1. Determine whether vibration isolation is required or whether rigid, non-resonant support is adequate. (Click here to more detailed information on this topic)
  2. Choose whether or not the caster option is desired (caster can only be used with post heights of 46 cm or taller).
  3. Find the size of the optical top to be supported in the left column of the ordering chart.
  4. Pick the model number form the appropriate column. 
  5. Assign the height code (H) to the catalog number based on the desired height of the table surface and thickness of the optical top.
  6. Ensure that the support has adequate capacity by comparing the capacity to the optical top weight plus equipment load. Top weight is equal to the top area times the weight factor from the bottom of the optical top size charts. The isolator capacity should be at least double the total load.
  7. Feel free to contact us when in doubt and for unusually sized tops. 

Height Code Ordering Chart

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4-Post System Size Chart 

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