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For Thermal, Pyroelectric, and Optical Sensors

LabMax is a versatile meter suitable for anyone who needs to analyze laser output.It analyzes and monitors laser output via onboard data logging. It also supports logging data directly to a USB flash drive, provides enhanced data analysis and statistics, as well as a form factor that allows flexible positioning and viewing angles so it can be used in areas with limited bench space. These meters provide direct compatibility with LM Model and PM Model sensors with no need for adapters.

LabMax-TOP is directly compatible with most Coherent thermal, pyroelectric and semiconductor sensors and displays beam position for quick and accurate setup.  These sensors offer wavelength coverage from 190 nm to 12 µm, measure from nW to kW, nJ to J, and from single shot to 10 kHz.   LabMax beam position display

Part of Coherent's C24 program
Any order that exclusively contains C24 items will ship directly from the manufacturing site the next business day.


  • Measure power and energy
  • Ergonomic design enhances user experience
  • Directly compatible with PM Model and LM Model thermopiles
  • Display beam position with LM Model thermopiles
  • Log data to internal memory, directly onto USB flash drive, or to PC
  • USB, RS-232, and GPIB PC interfaces
  • Software:

                       - LabMax PC applications software

                       - LabVIEW instrument driver and ActiveX control

                       - XP/Vista (32-bit)/Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) compatible