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For Thermal, Pyroelectric, and Optical Sensors

FieldMax II is an affordable, versatile, easy-to-use digital power and energy meter power platform designed for a variety of applications ranging from field serve to production test applications.

FieldMax II features a large , easy-to-read backlit LCD and an intuitive user interface offering button-driven control for simple operation. The meter supports onboard analysis of mean, min., max., and standard deviation statistics. IT can measure power from nW to kW, and pulse energy from nJ to J at up to 300 pps. In addition, long-pulse Joules energy measurements can be made on the FiledMaxII-TOP model when using thermophiles.

The meter includes a USB PC interface as well as an analog output. The FieldMax II PC applications software supports trend charting, tuning, statistics, and logging data to a file. A LabVIEW instrument driver with ActiveX control is provided to support custom software developments.

FieldMaxII-TOP enables to measure UV, visible, and IR laser output from the nanowatt to the kilowatt range, and to work with CW and pulsed lasers with repetition rates of up to 300 Hz.

The meter also contains an analog output and rechargeable battery. This combination of features makes FieldMaxII-TOP the most powerful and versatile laser meter in its price range.  

Part of Coherent's C24 program
Any order that exclusively contains C24 items will ship directly from the manufacturing site the next business day.

  • Measure energy of pulsed lasers up to 300 pps
  • Large, backlight LCD display
  • Compatible with thermopile, optical, and pyroelectric sensors
  • Simulated analog-like movement for laser tuning
  • USB interface with FieldMaxII PC applications software, LabVIEW instrument driver and ActiveX control
  • XP/Vista (32-bit)/Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) compatible
  • Area function for density measurements (J/cm² or W/cm²)