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Contact Details and Repair Forms 

Expertise and Personal Service
Our service and support department consists of thirteen engineers available both on-site at our customers and in our own service facility. We have trained service personnel on all of the equipment that we sell, as we believe that this is the only way to offer our customers the security they have a right to expect when they have bought a top of the range instrument. Each type of instrument has a dedicated contact for service and support. In most cases, this person has at least one colleague who has been trained on the same equipment and who can act as back up if the service workload is high.

Documentation and Traceability

In order for our customers to receive quick and correct answers to their enquiries, we store as much information as possible about your instrument in our product database. We can quickly retrieve information and status of precisely your instrument, e.g. when it was last calibrated and whether similar problems have occurred previously or if the system has been upgraded. And, of course, we always give you an informative service report after the conclusion of the service assignment.

R&D, Projects and Customisation

Some of the products that we market have been developed and manufactured by us. We have a manufacturing and development department that is available when the products that we offer need to be customised or modified. We are very experienced in working on projects, and follow quality-assured processes.

Service Contracts

A service contract is, in many cases, the best way of ensuring that your instrument gets the preventative maintenance or the future upgrade that is needed to minimise the risk of unwanted costs, interruption to operations or new, unnecessary instrument purchases. Our service agreements can be designed in many different ways, and we will be pleased to discuss your specific wishes with you.

Calibration Contract with Gammadata Instrument 

Signing a Calibration Contract will provide you and your instrument with several benefits. This basic level of service results in an overall lower cost of ownership for you as a customer. Those customers who sign up for a calibration contract and routinely send products in for annual calibration are realizing a lifetime warranty for their products. Read more about signing up for Gammadata Instrument's Calibration Contract.


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