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  • H*(10) ambient dose equivalent dose and dose rate measurements
  • Wide range of external alpha, beta and gamma probes for direct connection with RDS-31iTxSD
  • High impact durable case construction , IP67 immersion proof
  • Firmware of instrument upgradable through cable link
  • Operational parameters fully configurable with CSW-31 software
  • Configurable shortcut functions
  • WRM communication 2.4 GHz 10 mW ISM radio

RDS-31iTxSD is a small handheld, battery operated survey instrument using a silicon diode as primary detector. RDS-31iTx SD features nice ergonomics; light weight and easy handling, with visual and audible alarms and internal vibrator. The large graphic display with Energy Save Backlight is well visible even in sunny conditions due to the illumination control. To extend the capabilities of the instrument, external probes GMP-11-3/15-3/12-3/12L-3/12H-3 can be connected to RDS-31iTxSD directly through Binder connector. User protection while using external probe by measuring simultanously instrument dose rate.

Internal detector: Diode
Measured unit internal detector: µSv/h (H*(10))
Measured unit external detectors: µSv/h, cps, dpm, cpm, Bq/cm²
Energy range internal detector: 60 keV - 6 MeV
dose rate measurement range: 10 μSv/h - 10 Sv/h
dose measurement range: 10 μSv - 200 Sv
calibration accuracy: ± 5%, Cs-137
dose rate linearity: ± 15%
Protection class: IP67
Dimension: 100 x 67 x 33 mm.
Weight: 167 g

Battery life: 2 x AA. Typically  1000 h
Wireless: 900 MHz or 2,4 GHz