Gamma Standards

A wide range of gamma and x-ray standards for research and educational use are available in the energy range of 5,9 keV - 2614 keV. Most nuclides are avilable in activities up to 3,7 MBq to allow low efficeincys of detection inherent in many instruments. In addition, we can also offer a series of industrial gamma sources wuth much stronger activities up to several GBq.

Each source is supplied with a certificate of calibration which state
 - Activity with uncertainty
 - Reference time 
 - Impurities
 - Leakage test

Typical lead time 6 weeks

Solid gamma sources, point and tube

A wide range of gammaray and electron emitting reference sources of different geometries. The single radionuclide point sources or source sets containing up to 9 different radionuclides are used for calibrating gamma-ray spectrometers and gamma counters. Mixed radionuclide, X-ray and conversion electron...

Single nuclide liquid standard

7000 Series Each nuclide is NIST traceable. Contained activity values have a ±15% relative to the requested activity value. The uncertainty of the measured activity for a NIST-traceable calibration can be ±3% at the...

Mixed gamma standard

7500- and 7600-series Mixed Gamma Standard with isotopes Cd-109, Ce-139, Co-57, Co-60, Cs-137, Hg-203, Sn-113, Sr-85, Y-88. Energy range 88 - 1836 keV and Am-241 (60 keV) and/or Pb-210 (46 keV) as option. 7500-serien contain Te-123m...

Wide area sources - Planchet, Ring and Rectangular sources Isotrak (EU)

The wide area standards are designed for the calibration wide area counters and low level counters. Each source come with a certificate stateing the emission, activity, traceabillity and uncertainty. The Isotrak sources from Nuclitec...

Wide area sources - Planchet, Ring and Rectangular source from Analytics (US)

These standards are used for the calibration of alpha, beta and wide area counters. All sources are NIST traceable based on output or contained activity. NIST certification on contained activity is not available on some...

Industrial sources

The following isotopes could be find in the catalog in various types, shapes and activities up to several GBq. Am-241, Am-241/Be, Ba-133, Cd-109, Cf-252, Co-57, Co-60, Cs-137, Eu-152, Fe-55, Gd-153, Kr-85, Na-22, Ni-63, Pm-147, Ru-106, Se-75, Sr-90, Yb-169. Please see the catalog for detailed information 

Sets of radionuclides, Square

Part number: QCR3110, QCR310

Part number: QCR3110, QCR310 Each set of  sources is supplied in a presentation box which also contains a pair of forceps, two positron absorbers, and an adaptor plate. For easy reference, a copy of the calibration information is shown in the lid...

Sets of radionuclides, Disk

Part number: QCRB9481

Part number: QCRB9481 Each set of  sources is supplied in a presentation box. For easy reference, a copy of the calibration information is shown in the lid of the box.