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Lead-lined Furniture

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  • Series with lead-lined furniture
  • Build you own furniture
  • Lead thickness 6, 12 or 25 mm. Even 50 mm on some products
  • Possibility to customize the cabinets with exhaust flanges or orther accessories

A broschure of the standard range could be found under the Datasheet tab. The lead-lined cabinetry is available in 6, 12 or 25 mm lead shielding. Select models available in 50 mm thickness for PET applications. All cabinet drawers and doors are supplied with key locks. The counter tops are top quality stainless steel and include a backsplash. You may order the lead-lined cabinetry in any combination of modules. Seamless single stainless steel countertop with backsplash is possible on request. Optional storage wells and sharps port are available. Standard color is white. Other colors on request

In addition to the standard products, it's possible to configure your own cabinet in terms of size, shielding, surface finish, inserts and counter top material. Send us your specification and give us a few days...