Instruments with External Probes

External probes connected to a datalogger is a good solution to achieve a versatile instrument for all kind of applications. The versatility is just limited to the range of different probes.


Part number: EM96846 (TTC), EM87771 (TTC/GPS), EM96146 (VLD), EM86789 (VLD/GPS)

Part number: EM96846 (TTC), EM87771 (TTC/GPS), EM96146 (VLD), EM86789 (VLD/GPS) Modern high end hand held instrument with some really neat features. Available in two versions Colibri VLD - Very Low Doserat, Starting from only 10 nSv/h to 1 mSv/h. Based on CsI. Available with...


Part number: 1233-260, 1233-268

Part number: 1233-260, 1233-268 RDS-31 is a multi-purpose survey meter using an energy compensated GM-tube as primary detector. Several diffrent probes can be connected to measures alpha, beta and gamma even in very high dose rates. The...

Radiagem 2000

Part number: EM76687

Part number: EM76687 Ruggedized handheld instrument based on GM-tube with capability to connect external smart probes. All probes contain individual calibrations and can be plugged in without switching off the device. Find the extranal CSP probes here

LB 124 Scint-HMS

The contamination monitor LB 124 SCINT-HMS with separate, removable scintillation detector. Use the instrument as an exit monitor to measure radioactive alpha and beta/gamma contaminations on surfaces such as objects, clothing or skin. It's comprised...

LB 134 Universal Monitor II

Part number: 62688-10

Part number: 62688-10 The LB 134 Universal Monitor II can be used to measure radioactive alpha and beta-gamma contaminations on surface such as floors, walls, desks, objects, clothing and or skin as well as gamma dose rate in...

EX-proof - NORM monitor-IS

Part number: NORM-IS-FULL

Part number: NORM-IS-FULL The NORM Monitor-IS (formerly T201) is a ATEX approved instrument with two probe options, Geiger Müller (GM) and scintillator. This enables users to monitor NORM in all conditions. The instrument comes complete with a...