• Touchscreen or push button, indicator warnings

  • Weight only 7 kg

  • Dust and water resistant

  • Large nuclide library, user configurable

  • State of art algorithms

  • Background Subtraction

  • “SMART” Digital Stabilization

MicroDetective is the highly successful series from ORTEC of hand-held HPGe radioisotope identifiers (RIDs). It is mainly used for in the detection and prevention of illicit trafficking of nuclear materials at ports and borders. It is the most advanced RID commercially available.

The detecives includes docking station with calibration check source, universal mains supply, automobile power cables, and shoulder strap. In addition there are several accessories available such as extended battery belt, collimators, filters etc. 

The microDetectives are available in diffrent versions;
- DX. The microDetevice version for gammas
- EX. The microDetevice version for gammas and nuteron He3 tubes
- HX. Is the development carried out under contract between ORTEC and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.


Stefan Martensson
Stefan Mårtensson
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