Dual Use instrument - Contamination and Dose Rate

Some instrument is capable of combining dose rate measurement H*(10) and contamination measurement. This could be done by simply placing a lid on the detector to simulate tissue equivalent or by use of a second detector with energy compensation.

LB 124 Scint-D

Part number: 60026-10

Part number: 60026-10 The handheld LB 124 Scint-D is a contamination and dose rate monitor based on a 170 cm² ZnS(Ag) scintillation detector together with a energy compensated GM-tube. It simultanously measures alpha and beta/gamma contamination...


Part number: BAK-1880

Part number: BAK-1880 The RAM GENE-1, features a ruggedized casing and contains a specially designed energy filter embedded in the cap for dose rate radiation monitoring H*(10), with the additional flexibility of a contamination meter. It's...