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PDS-GO - Small Scintillator Dose Rate Meter

Part number: BAK-4066

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  • Sensitive Csl (TI) scintillation crystal for high efficiency to extended energy range. 
  • Very small, only 125 gram
  • Excellent temperature stability 
  • Detect or Search operation modes
  • Low power consumption -> extended operating hours. 
  • Instrument setup (alarm thresholds and other parameters) via USB connection to a PC 
  • Record of event history 
  • Rechargeable battery - charging via USB connection inside the cardle (optional). 

The PDS-GO is a lightweight, small, sensitive, personal gamma radiation detector, designed to meet the ANSI N42.32 radiation detection requirements. This small instrument (125 g) is easily carried on the body and is used to detect and indicate the presence and magnitude of gamma emitting radiation

The PDS-GO measure from 0 to 500 µSv/h with a sensitivity of ~ 110 cps/µSv/h and is also ideal to use as a sensitive survey meter. This instrument has been designed using the latest “state-of-the-art” electronic components.

Silicon cover and belt clip is included.

Detector: CsI(Tl) crystal with Silicon Photomultiplier
Displayed units: µSv/h or cps
Measuring Range: 0 - 500 µSv/h
Energy Range: 50 KeV – 1,7 MeV
Energy Response: Better than 20% for whole energy range
Sensitivity (Cs-137): 110 cps/µSv/h
Detection Capability: 0.5 µSv/h above 0.25 µSv/h background with 95% confidence in less than 2 seconds
Time To Alarm: <2 seconds
Alarm indication: Adjustable: Visual, Vibration, Audible (Lp = 85 dB(A) at 30 cm)
Battery Life: Li-ion 3.7V rechargeable battery, 120h power under normal conditions.
Operating temperature: -20°C to + 50°C (Detection of Am-241 in the whole temperature range)
Humidity: Up to 93% at 35 ºC
EMI: Meets ANSI 42.32/33
Protection Rating: IP64
Dimensions : 99mm x 55mm x 24mm
Weight: 125 g with batteries
Communication: via PC based user interface software (mini USB connection)