Calibration Contract with Gammadata Instrument AB

Why Gammadata Instrument AB

Gammadata Instrument AB’s main calibration laboratory is fully ISO9001:2008 certified. In addition Gammadata Instrument  regularly uses several calibration laboratories that are ISO 17025:2005 accredited when needed. ISO 17025 is a formal recognition that a calibration laboratory is using valid and appropriate methods and is competent to carry out specified tests or calibrations. By choosing Gammadata Instrument AB you are choosing a company you can rely on for fast delivery, low warranty rate, and lower overall cost of ownership.

When to Calibrate

To maintain this high level of performance, and to ensure compliance with your quality and ISO certification, it is important to have your measurement system serviced and recertified at least once per year. Extended use of instruments, as well as environmental factors, can have an adverse effect on accuracy and also result in wear and/or damage to parts critical to optimum performance. 

Benefits of using a Calibration Contract

Calibration contract of a Gammadata Instrument AB product includes: This basic level of service results in an overall lower cost of ownership for our customers. Those customers who sign up for a calibration contract and routinely send products in for annual calibration are realizing a lifetime warranty for their products.

Without Contract
  • Calibration including certificate
  • Limited Functional Testing 
  • Fast calibration turnaround time
With Contract
  • Calibration plan per instrument
  • Calibration reminders
  • Minor repairs (see note below)
  • Extended 12 month warranty, on eligible products 
  • Service repair proposals
  • 10% discount on similar instruments¹ 
  • 50% discount on the annual calibration²

Minor repairs includes fixing manufacturer’s defects, hardware updates, firmware, software updates, damaged connectors, and other small repairs. For customer caused damaged an additional repair service charge is applied.

Calibration form