Liquid Scintillation LSC

Gammadata and Hidex offer solution for liquid scintillation and gamma counters. Hidex, founded 1993, is an experienced company supplying liquid scintillation solutions for biotechnology, life science research and environmental monitoring. Liquid scintillation counters are used in wide variety of applications within the radiation measurement fields, ranging from low level measurements of naturally occurring isotopes to radiation protection officers and security screening in routine and accidental preparedness applications. Our customers and collaborators in this area include some of the top research institutes in the world, CERN, IAEA, Princeton University, Lawrence Livermore National laboratories, Sandia National laboratories among others.

HIDEX 300 SL Automatic TDCR Liquid Scintillation Counter

Part number: 425-201

Part number: 425-201 The Hidex 300 SL Liquid Scintillation Counter is the most advanced transportable and user-friendly LSC available. The 300 SL liquid scintillation counter employs Triple to Double Coincidence Ratio (TDCR) counting. This absolute activity measuring technology...

HIDEX 300 SLL (Super Low Level)

Part number: 425-020

Part number: 425-020 The Hidex 300 SLL automatic TDRC liquid scintillation counter features a Super Low Level version of the successor 300 SL system for the most challenging low activity samples. Equiped with active guard detector, digital...

HIDEX 600SL Automatic TDCR Liquid Scintillation Counter

Designed for high sample load capacity required in centralized laboratories. To extend sample load capacity and queuing Hidex introduce a high throughput automatic 600 SL TDCR liquid scintillation counter. The Hidex 600 SL uses...


Part number: 425-014

Part number: 425-014 The Triathler Liquid Scintillation Counter from Hidex is world famous for its incredibly small size and huge power. The instrument can be equipped with superior Hidex Alpha Beta separation electronics and software that enable...

TRIATHLER Multilabel Tester

Part number: 425-004

Part number: 425-004 Triathler is a single-sample counter. It can count all radioisotopes including tritium in a variety of sample formats. Due to its very small size and light weight, Trlathler can be taken into the...

TRIATHLER Luminometer

Part number: 524-014

Part number: 524-014 The Triathler Luminometer from Hidex is equipped with renowned single photon counting technology by Hidex unrivalled by any other luminometer on the market. The unit can be equipped with automatic or manual injection...

TRIATHLER Gamma Counter

Part number: 425-024

Part number: 425-024 Triathler gamma counter from Hidex is a cost efficient alternative for large automatic gamma counters for small scale laboratories. A convenient tool with the fraction of a cost compared to large alternatives.  

TRIATHLER External NaI detector

Part number: 425-010

Part number: 425-010 The Triathler NaI system from Hidex is a turnkey solution for detection of various gamma emitters. The external NaI detector is equipped with 2" by 2" well type detector that provides good counting efficiency...

TRIATHLER Bequerel Finder

Part number: 425-011

Part number: 425-011 The Triathler Becquerel Finder from Hidex is an ideal tool for measurement of radioactive contamination in food and foodstuff. Samples are placed in a Marinelli Beaker of 1L or 0.4L total sample volume. I-131, Cs-134...