Gamma Spectroscopy

Gammadata offers the largest selection in the industry of electronics for all detector types (for detector information see the Detectors section). From modular electronics and PC plug-and-play Multi Channel Analyzers (MCA) to completely integrated desktop spectrometers, even integrated with the detector, We have a solution that is right for every application and budget.

Lynx Digital Signal Analyzer


Part number: LYNX-MCA, LYNX-MOUNTKIT The Lynx is the most advanced, full-featured Multichannel Analyzer ever offered. It is a 32K channel integrated signal analyzer based on advanced digital signal processing (DSP) techniques. When paired with the computer of choice, the Lynx becomes...

OSPREY®: Universal Digital MCA Tube Base for Scintillation Spectrometry

DSA-LX® Digital Signal Analyzer

Model 8701 Analog-to-Digital Converter

Multiport II Multichannel Analyzer


Model 556B AIM - Acquisition Interface Module

InSpector 2000 DSP Portable Spectroscopy Workstation


Universal laboratory system - LB 2045

The LB 2045 is a modern gamma spectroscopy system for activity measurements in laboratories. It is easy to operate and provides quick and reliable measurement results which are presented clearly arranged on a...

InSpector™ 1000 Digital Hand-Held Multichannel Analyzer

Falcon 5000 Portable HPGe-Based Radionuclide Identifier

Part number: F5000

Part number: F5000 The Falcon 5000 is a state-of-the-art portable Radionuclide Identifier (RID) based on a High Purity Germanium (HPGe) detector. Read datasheet for more detailed information.

GR1-Gamma Ray Spectrometer

Part number: GR1-002, GR1-003

Part number: GR1-002, GR1-003 The GR1 is a high-performance gamma ray spectrometer utilizing a 1 cm3 CZT detector. It is completely self-contained, with built-in preamplifier, shaping amplifier, baseline restorer, pulse height digitizer, and HV supply. The digitized pulse heights...

Advanced GR1 (GR1-A)

The Kromek Advanced GR1 (GR1-A) is a USB-powered gamma spectrometer employing the same 1cm3 CZT detector and electronics used in the GR1 but has additional auxiliary input/outputs that greatly increase operational flexibility. The GR1-A is fitted...


The bPAD is an intelligent, compact Single-Channel Analyzer. Unlike traditional designs, this device is fully digitally controlled via USB: no scope or messing with screwdrivers is necessary. A simple PC application allows all...

Gamma stream

Gamma stream is a compact and portable system for gamma ray spectroscopy. The embedded positive high voltage power supply, charge sensitive preamplifier and a digital MCA, make easy the measurements with scintillation detectors, such as NaI(Tl),...


Introduced May 2013, the Topaz-Pico is a compact, stand-alone digital Multi-Channel Analyzer (MCA). Its pocket-size and low power consumption makes it attractive to the portable radiation monitoring market. The PCB board alone is available...