Radiation Shielding & Accessories

Gammadata offer a wide range of shielding products to prevent workers from radiation exposure in accordance with the ALARA principle. You will also find more heavily shieldied products with is related to work with 511 keV in the PET menu.

L Bench Shields

Find our L-block shield under the category of Radiation Protection. Click me[sitetree_link,id=14157]

Radiation Protection Barrier

Easy-to-position shielding system that gives clear visibility and protecting the personnel.  Please use the datasheet for more detailed information

Syringe Shields

The syringe shields is primarily designed to reduce finger dose when injecting radionuclides. The shields are available in five diameters (1, 2, 3, 5 & 10 ml) with a choice of length to suit...

Vial Shielding

Illuminated Vial Shield The tungsten shield is illuminated by a battery curcuit which is activated when turned upside down. THe illumination allow the user to see the volume. Avialable in two sizes to accommodate a...

Lead-lined Furniture

A broschure of the standard range could be found under the Datasheet tab. The lead-lined cabinetry is available in 6, 12 or 25 mm lead shielding. Select models available in 50 mm thickness...

Syringe Holder

Part number: 0670-0020, 0670-0001

Part number: 0670-0020, 0670-0001 Designed to cleanly hold up to 6 syringes easily while providing maximum protection, Capintec has designed the Multi-Syringe Holder with 3 mm lead in the walls, top and bottom of the shield. The...

Sharp Shields

Sharps leaded container cabinets offer a convenient way to store spent syringes in a safe manner. *Sharp Shield with Vertical drop* Two sizes, one is designed for containment of one medium-size Chimney-Top Monoject Sharps...

Shielded Syringe Carrier

Part number: 0670-2026 or SSC113

Part number: 0670-2026 or SSC113 Shielded syringe carrier is designed for safe transportation of radioactive materials without any radiation leaks. This shielded syringe carrier has lead shielding all around and is finished with stainless steel for easy cleaning and decontamination.

Lead foil

Part number: 8100-1006, 8100-1015, 8100-1030

Part number: 8100-1006, 8100-1015, 8100-1030 Lead foil has numerous protection applications in shielding. The Lead Foil can be cut and formed easily into almost any shape for shielding areas, parts of areas or many objects. Lead Foil 0,15 mm...

Rotund Container 25 mm Lead

Part number: 0670-0010

Part number: 0670-0010 The rotund lead container is designed with 25.4 mm thick lead shielding and is provided with an easy carry handle attached. This shield will hold vials up to a 30 cc vial and can...

Glove Box

Glove boxes for the radiopharmaceutical dispensing. Please contact us to discuss your application and to find the best supplier.

Laminar Flow Hood (LAF benches)

Part number: 5730-0024

Part number: 5730-0024 Laminar Air Flow benches CLASS II type total exhaust safety cabinets for the most exacting requirements. These cabinets provide the highest levels of worker protection when using toxic chemicals and radionuclides. The interior of the cabinet...

Radiation Fume Hood

Radiation Fume Hoods in a wide variety of configurations. The hoods are constructed of  stainless steel and include an integral bottom with cup sink option. The one piece interior is free of joints,...

Hot Cells

Hotcells. Please contact us for further information.