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Dose Calibrator - MP-DC

Part number: MP-DC-SA8

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  • Large modern 15" touch-screen display.
  • Virtual keys
  • Functionality required by the regulations
  • Routine daily quality checks
  • Data of measurements and quality checks are permanently saved in an SQL database and can be exported
  • Interfacing with the most commonly used software for department management like IBC

Dose calibrator from MecMurphil with ionization chamber. Functionalities like quality control, generation of reports and labels and data saved permanently in SQL database. A modern and cost effective toolfor all operations of activity measurement in nuclear medicine departments and PET centres. Large 15" touch-screen. Calibration factors stored for the radioisotopes most commonly used in Nuclear Medicine, including: Tc-99m, Tl-201, In-111, Fe-59, Co-57, Co58, I-123, I-125, I-131, F-18, Ga-68, O-15. Unlimited number of isotopes can be set with relative calibration factors.
Pre-set geometrises: Vial and syringe. Also other geometries can be defined and stored.

These items are included:
Cabels, shielding, Industrial PC with touch screen, sample holder, ion chamber, calibration certificate.

Printers (you could use standard, slip or label printer)

Energy range: 25 keV to 4 MeV
Shielding: 4 mm Pb
Ionchamber versions: IC20S* (7 bar) or IC8S (15 bar)
Saturation: 296 GBq (IC8S, F-18)  or 740 GBq (IC20S, F-18)
Resolution: 1kBq
Repeatability: ±1%
Total Accuracy: ± 2%
Electrometer responce time: Min 0,2 sec : Max 10 sec
Linearity: ± 2% over the entire range of measure
Built in Diagnostic: Zero Adjustment, High voltage.
Number of chambers: 2 interfaces^*
Printer options: Exampel Brother PT-9700PC or equivalent PC based label printer
Fill pressure: 15 bar (up to 296 GBq) or 7 bar (up to 740 GBq)
Dimensions outer: 150 x 349 mm (Ø x h)
Dimensions inner: 70 x 280 mm (Ø x h)
Weigth ionchamber: 14,2 kg