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• Voice operated
• Avoids instrument contamination
• Stainless steel, easy clean enclosure
• Sensitive scintillation counter for gamma emitters
• Automatic background updates
• Alternative detector options covering wide range of nuclides
• Automatic record keeping with data transfer for routine reporting
• Colour display
• Mains operated
• Low cost

The Handhound has been designed mainly for use in ‘wet-chemistry’ radio-isotope handling situations where hands could be contaminated. The Radhound radiation monitoring electronics are incorporated into a stainless steel enclosure with a high sensitivity collimated detector, so that any contamination can be detected on hands.

The background is updated while not in use. A proximity sensor ensures the user’s hands are underneath the detector, the user then speaks his/her name and says
‘Continue’ . The system will begin counting for a predetermined period, set by the supervisor. A touchscreen interface is also incorporated, to allow configuration and manual triggering if needed. The Handhound is mains-operated and will find application in ‘wet’ labs using gamma isotopes, in corridors, work areas and lab.


Detector Crystal* 32 mm x 2.5 mm NaI
Energy Response* 15 keV to 250 keV for SS404 Al, 5 keV to 250 keV for SS404 Be
3.8 cps per Bq/cm2 for I-125
1.6 cps per Bq/cm2 for Tc-99m
1.4 cps per Bq/cm2 for Co-57
Unit Dimensions 380 x 300 x 155 mm
Temperature Range -10ºC to +50ºC
Weight Empty: 8.8 kg
Complete: 15 kg