Electronic Personal Dosimeter

To protect the staff in case of radiation occurrences, the usage of a electronic dosimeter is the most conveniant way to reduce the radiation exposure. The dosimeter warn the wearer with an alarm based on the real-time measurement of the dose rate or dose.

DMC 3000 - Electronic Dosimeter

Part number: G2=154022, G3=NOM001151

Part number: G2=154022, G3=NOM001151 DMC 3000 is a electronic personal dosimeter (EPD) and a personal radiation safety device. The display provides information of the users dose and dose rate for Hp(10). There are multiple alarm notification, audible, visual...

DMC 3000 Neutron Module

Part number: NOM001229, NOM001164

Part number: NOM001229, NOM001164 The Neutron Module provides  operational dosimetry for radiation workers where there is a Neutron radiation risk. The add-on neutron module attaches to the DMC 3000 dosimeter and is able to measure Hp(10) radiation at...

DMC 3000 Beta module

Part number: NOM001230

Part number: NOM001230 The Beta Module provides operational dosimetry for hospital personnel, first responders, and radiation workers where there is a Beta radiation risk. The add-on Beta Module attaches to the DMC 3000 dosimeter is able to...

DMC 3000 Telemetry Modul

Part number: ATR000058

Part number: ATR000058 The add-on Telemetry Module attaches to the DMC 3000 dosimeter and allows transmission of a worker’s radiological data to the WRM2 base station and software for remote monitoring. The Telemetry module also allows for additional connected accessories like the heart rate monitor and alarm enhancments. Supplemental...

RAD-60 - Electronic Dosimeter

Part number: 1233-219

Part number: 1233-219 RAD-60 Personal Dosimeter is a ionizing radiation detection instrument in order to ensure the personal safety of the user. It is suitable for a broad range of everyday radiation monitoring purposes in stand alone...

T414-1 BLUE - Electronic Dosimeter

Part number: T414-BLUE

Part number: T414-BLUE PED - Personal Electric Dosimeter - based on Geiger-Müller detector. Very easy to us compared to other dosimeters on the market. It is also very robust, waterproof and reliable. Adjusable alarm levels. Software for...

T414+ BLACK - PED+ Electronic Dosimeter/Dose Rate Instrument

Part number: T414+

Part number: T414+ A multi use Personal dosimeter which could be used as a handheld dose rate meter as well. It's very robust, waterproof and reliable. Based on GM-tube and much more sensitive then the PIN-diod based...

T404 RED - EX proof (ATEX) Electronic Dosimeter

Part number: T404

Part number: T404 The easiest stand alone used personal dosimeter on the market which is also very robust, waterproof and reliable. It’s intrinsically Safe, complies with ATEX EU directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 137) and safe for use in Explosive Atmosphere...

SOR-R/T - MIL Electronic Dosimeter

Part number: 126375, 126378

Part number: 126375, 126378 The SOR dosimeter line is built upon two basic versions: SOR/T for tactical (gamma and neutron) and residual/ambient gamma measurements SOR/R for residual/ambient gamma measurements These dosimeters are qualified in accordance with...

LDM 3200 system dosimeter reader

Part number: NOM001612

Part number: NOM001612 LDM 3200 solutions are based on an industrial PC used for access control systems and communication with back-end

LDM 2000 - Dosimeter Reader

Part number: 128435, 128426, 144819

Part number: 128435, 128426, 144819 LDM 2000 is an Electronic Dosimeter self issue rugged reader used to entrer and exit radiological controlled areas. The reader is driven by a dosimetry system in order to program the appropriate dosimeter alarm set points...

LDM 320W - Dosimeter Reader Wall Mounted

Part number: 150517

Part number: 150517 The LDM 320W reader operating using software installed on PC. It's an interface to read and write internal data of the DMC 3000, SOR and DMC 2000 dosimeters.

LDM 320 - Dosimeter Reader USB

Part number: 150534

Part number: 150534 The LDM 320D and LDM 320W readers operating using software installed on PC. It's an interface to read and write internal data of the DMC 3000, SOR and DMC 2000 dosimeters.

ADR-1 - Dosimeter reader

Part number: 1233-163, 1233-156

Part number: 1233-163, 1233-156 The ADR-1 Reader Head is designed to read and manage RAD-60 or RAD-50 electronic dosimeters with PC. Read out software is compatible with Windows 7.  Part 1233-164 is including the ADR-1/50 dosimeter software Part 1233-156 is without...

Dosimeter Reader/Recorder for - XOM/T - XOM/R

XOM/T and XOM/R reader/recorder are portable and autonomous equipment designed for field management of personal or collective dosimetry, when measured with SOR/T or SOR/R dosimeters. XOM/T and XOM/R readers can be used in autonomous...

DMC User - Reader Software

Part number: 154646

Part number: 154646 Compatible with readers LDM320W, LDM 320D and LDM 220.  Benefits of DMC User vs DosiMASS DMC User is a more simple user interface DMC User is a more secure communication protocol Compabillity; DMCUser...

IRD 2000 - Dosimeter calibrator

The IRD 2000 irradiator has been developed for calibration or function check of dosimeters. It has the capabillity of checking 90 dosimeters per hour. IRD 2000 has the flexibillity to us a Sr-90...