Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT)

CZT is a room temperature semiconductor that directly converts x-ray or gamma-ray photons into electrons. CZT is a unique semiconductor compared with Silicon and Germanium detectors, in that CZT operates at room temperature and can process >10 million photons / second /mm². Additionally, CZT's spectroscopic resolution clearly out performs any commercially available Scintillator. The unique combination of spectroscopy and very high count rate capability at room temperature makes CZT an ideal detector solution for Medical, Industrial, Homeland Security and Laboratory applications.

Material Detectors

GR1-Gamma Ray Spectrometer

Part number: GR1-002, GR1-003

Part number: GR1-002, GR1-003 The GR1 is a high-performance gamma ray spectrometer utilizing a 1 cm3 CZT detector. It is completely self-contained, with built-in preamplifier, shaping amplifier, baseline restorer, pulse height digitizer, and HV supply. The digitized pulse heights...

Advanced GR1 (GR1-A)

The Kromek Advanced GR1 (GR1-A) is a USB-powered gamma spectrometer employing the same 1cm3 CZT detector and electronics used in the GR1 but has additional auxiliary input/outputs that greatly increase operational flexibility. The GR1-A is fitted...