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SAM 945 - Demo Instrument Winter Sale

Part number: 945-G

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  • SAM 945 is very ruggidized, protection class IP65 and 1 m dropped
  • 3" x 3" NaI detector
  • Identify Multiple Nuclear Isotopes
  • Auto-Calibration and Stabilization
  • Photo-Tagging with N.42 Data Networking
  • Large Library (497 Isotops)

The SAM 945 is a handheld nucilde identifier which gives the user real-time information of isotope, isotope class, dose rates and count rates. Is uses a smart phone as display which offer some extra features like touch screen, ringtones, vibrions etc. The library is expandable to 497 isotopes. In addition to a variety of triggering options and data collection or storage routines, the new handheld gives users handy extras like photo-tagging or mid-acquisition time adjustments. The GPS details and other environmental conditions are automatically acquired without the need for special user involvement.

Year of manufacturing: 2014

Detectors: NaI (General Purpose Isotope Identication)
                He-3 (Neutron Detection, Optional)
                GM-Tube (High Does Rates, Standard)
Functions: Background, Dose and Dose Rate, Isotope ID, Search
Energy Range: 20keV - 3.0 MeV
Count rate: 250,000 to 400,000 CPS (Cs 137)
Data Format: XML, ANSI N42.42 Compliant
Reports: ID, Condence Level, Dose Rate, etc. with over 10,000 reviewable events.
Identication: Isotope, Category, Condence
Battery: Identifer: >8 hours, Lithium Ion
            Smartphone: >8 hours nromal use / brand dependent
Communication: Bluetooth, USB
Protection clas: IP65
Droppable: 1 Meter Drop Tested
Water: Spray
Dimensions: 25,4 x 13 x 15 cm 
Weight: 2,7 kg (with standard detector)
Operating Temp: -20ºC to 50ºC
Calibration: Auto-calibration and Auto-stabilization
Library: ANSI with color coded classications, expandable USER library (optional). (ANSI 42.34 compatible)
Memory > 10,000 events with User Notes
Smartphone Functions: Operational Modes (User/Administrator), GPS, Data Communication, Camera, Voice Recorder